Ramah (Ray´muh; Heb., “height”)

A name given alone and in combination with other words to several places in Palestine. 1 Ramah of Benjamin, which is identified with modern er-Ram, about five miles north of Jerusalem. Deborah judged between Ramah and Bethel (Judg 4:5). Baasha, king of Israel (ca. 902–886 BCE), fortified Ramah, but then tore it down (1Kgs 15:17-22). The Assyrians advanced toward Jerusalem through Ramah (Isa 10:29). Ramah is mentioned in Hosea’s cry against Israel (Hos 5:8), and Jeremiah was set free there (Jer 40:1). Ramah is among those towns listed with inhabitants following the exile (Ezra 2:26; Neh 7:30). Rachel was associated with this town (Jer 31:15; Matt 2:18). 2 Ramah of Ephraim, Samuel’s hometown; he returned there periodically and was buried there (1Sam 7:17; 1Sam 25:1). David was pursued by Saul to Ramah of Ephraim (1Sam 19:18-24). This may be the Arimathea of the NT (Matt 27:57; John 19:38), and it may be identified with modern Rentis, about eighteen miles east of Joppa. 3 A border town in Asher (Josh 19:29), usually associated with modern Ramieh near the south border of Lebanon. 4 A fortified town in Naphtali (Josh 19:36), probably located at modern er-Ramah, in the Valley of Beth-kerem about twenty miles east of Acco. 5 Ramah of the Negeb or Ramath-negeb (Josh 19:8) in the lands of the tribe of Simeon. Here David sent some of his spoil from the Philistines (1Sam 30:27).

Judg 4:5

5She used to sit under the palm of Deborah between Ramah and Bethel in the hill country of Ephraim; and the Israelites came up to her for judgment.

1Kgs 15:17-22

17King Baasha of Israel went up against Judah, and built Ramah, to prevent anyone from going out or coming in to King Asa of Judah.18Then Asa took all the silve ... View more

Isa 10:29

29they have crossed over the pass,
at Geba they lodge for the night;
Ramah trembles,
Gibeah of Saul has fled.

Hos 5:8

8Blow the horn in Gibeah,
the trumpet in Ramah.
Sound the alarm at Beth-aven;
look behind you, Benjamin!

Jer 40:1

Jeremiah with Gedaliah the Governor
1The word that came to Jeremiah from the Lord after Nebuzaradan the captain of the guard had let him go from Ramah, when he ... View more

Ezra 2:26

26Of Ramah and Geba, six hundred twenty-one.

Neh 7:30

30Of Ramah and Geba, six hundred twenty-one.

Jer 31:15

15Thus says the Lord:
A voice is heard in Ramah,
lamentation and bitter weeping.
Rachel is weeping for her children;
she refuses to be comforted for her childre ... View more

Matt 2:18

18“A voice was heard in Ramah,
wailing and loud lamentation,
Rachel weeping for her children;
she refused to be consoled, because they are no more.”

1Sam 7:17

17Then he would come back to Ramah, for his home was there; he administered justice there to Israel, and built there an altar to the Lord.

1Sam 25:1

Death of Samuel
1Now Samuel died; and all Israel assembled and mourned for him. They buried him at his home in Ramah.
Then David got up and went down to the wil ... View more

1Sam 19:18-24

David Joins Samuel in Ramah
18Now David fled and escaped; he came to Samuel at Ramah, and told him all that Saul had done to him. He and Samuel went and settled ... View more

Matt 27:57

The Burial of Jesus
57When it was evening, there came a rich man from Arimathea, named Joseph, who was also a disciple of Jesus.

John 19:38

The Burial of Jesus
38After these things, Joseph of Arimathea, who was a disciple of Jesus, though a secret one because of his fear of the Jews, asked Pilate to ... View more

Josh 19:29

29then the boundary turns to Ramah, reaching to the fortified city of Tyre; then the boundary turns to Hosah, and it ends at the sea; Mahalab, Achzib,

Josh 19:36

36Adamah, Ramah, Hazor,

Josh 19:8

8together with all the villages all around these towns as far as Baalath-beer, Ramah of the Negeb. This was the inheritance of the tribe of Simeon according to ... View more

1Sam 30:27

27it was for those in Bethel, in Ramoth of the Negeb, in Jattir,

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