Any of a group of stinging or thorny plants. It is a symbol of desolation and inaccessibility (Prov 24:31; Isa 34:13; Hos 9:6; Zeph 2:9). In (Job 30:7) nettles serve as protection for Job’s opponents.

Prov 24:31

31and see, it was all overgrown with thorns;
the ground was covered with nettles,
and its stone wall was broken down.

Isa 34:13

13Thorns shall grow over its strongholds,
nettles and thistles in its fortresses.
It shall be the haunt of jackals,
an abode for ostriches.

Hos 9:6

6For even if they escape destruction,
Egypt shall gather them,
Memphis shall bury them.
Nettles shall possess their precious things of silver;
thorns shall be i ... View more

Zeph 2:9

9Therefore, as I live, says the Lord of hosts,
the God of Israel,
Moab shall become like Sodom
and the Ammonites like Gomorrah,
a land possessed by nettles and ... View more

Job 30:7

7Among the bushes they bray;
under the nettles they huddle together.

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